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We support you throughout the entire new product development process. From product design, to analysis and virtual simulations, up to their validation using laboratory tests on functional prototypes.
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Over the years we have worked on over 4000 projects and created countless products for the home appliances, motorcycle and industrial sectors.
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We take care of all the design stages for a new product, but not only: we can also offer existing product improvement and components engineering.
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We research, develop and patent the products of the future to anticipate and influence the trends in their markets.
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S.P.M. Engineering

A mechanical engineering firm with the Italian know-how

We invent, we reinvent and we renew every day. We are a flexible and solid team of specialist engineers, taking the Italian product engineering know-how to national and international companies.

About us

We are an engineering firm that has been providing innovative design services for the development of new products in sectors such as the home appliance, mechanical, plastics and motorcycle industries since 1977. The solid, professional approach of our engineers, the skills of our management team, the expertise of our technicians in the use of cutting-edge tools all contribute to make of S.P.M. an advanced technology and process engineering company.

Product and component development

Discover our 10-step method for new product development and component engineering.

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Product engineering

Discover our 10-step method for new product development and component engineering.

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Analysis and simulations

Using the best professional software, we carry out mechanical engineering calculations to make virtual 3D prototypes.

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Laboratory tests

With the support of specialist partners, we create functional prototypes that we test in our own laboratory to validate virtual simulations.

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Product engineering services

An innovative, concrete and professional approach at your service.

These are the values that inform our team in new product development, component engineering, calculations, simulations and laboratory tests on prototypes.

Find out what sets us apart, and why companies from all over the world choose us to design together their next-generation products.

Why rely on S.P.M.?


The wide reach of our skills and professional capacity allows us to provide our engineering services across a range of sectors.

Due to our geographical location and the expertise we have acquired, our main industry of reference is the home appliance sector.

Not only: because of our solid competence, resulting from the Italian tradition in the field and our own experience, we have been selected by leading international customers in the motorcycle and scooter industry.

Finally, with our ability to develop specification-based multi-material products with multiple shapes and for multiple purposes, we can offer our services to a variety of industrial and transport sectors.

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& Development

We put forward new, sustainable and achievable ideas.

That’s why we invest in our own, autonomous, non-commissioned development of products, following ideas stemming from our own internal research and benchmarking.

The results are next-generation products, for which we own the patents, and whose real-world manufacturing and operation has been simulated, calculated and tested in our own internal laboratory.

Our direct contact with the leading companies in a variety of sectors allows us to be aware and alert to the directions that future product development will take. We can identify with the current and future potential needs of people and families, trying to anticipate their requirements.

Discover our patents

Design of a washing machine with double rotating drum

We have designed an innovative front-loading washing machine that washes better, in less time and using less detergent than traditional ones.

Washing machine engineering with co-moulded bearings

We have conceived, designed, prototyped and patented a co-moulded bearing that provides a significant reduction in the production costs for front-loading washing machines.

Self-cleaning oven

We have designed an innovative automatic cleaning system for a domestic oven that allows to obtain significant advantages in terms of time, energy consumption and quality of the final result, compared to what is commercially available
We transform
your ideas
in reality

Do you have an idea in mind that you want to transform into a real and concrete product? Do you have some issues with a design and you cannot find a solution? Do you have a design to validate with analysis, calculations and laboratory tests?

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