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From a 3D virtual model, to the optimization of industrialization choices

Drawing on a wealth of collaborations with the world’s leading manufacturers of motorcycles and scooters, we have built up a consolidated know-how in the development and design of bodies of 2/3 wheel vehicles.

From the 1:1 scale vehicle mock-up (provided by the customer), to the 3D mathematics of the parts ready for the manufacture of the production equipment, the process includes digital scanning and the subsequent mathematical class-A surface development ready for developing the first layout and feasibility studies

The styling and appearance configuration stage, carried out by our team of specialists, provides us with a complete virtual model of the vehicle, ready to be divided into parts for industrialisation using solid 3D modelling. Using our internal experts, we can rationalize and optimize the selection of details and components, by analysing the various technical solutions available to ensure formability.

The expertise of our team allows us to work on the entire motorcycle development process: from the design of the bodywork (either plastic or metal), to the specification of the layout of the vehicle, including the design and validation of the frame using structural and optimization calculations.

Drawing on partnerships created over the years, we are able to manage the development of complete projects, starting from the initial concept of the vehicle to its final road-test validation.


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We invest in the development of non-commissioned projects to invent next-generation products, for which we own the patents , and whose real-world manufacturing and operation has been simulated, calculated and tested in our internal laboratory.

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