USA Today called it «A game-changer for your kitchen». TETRA, the countertop dishwasher commissioned by Heatworks, requires no plumbing hookup, washes the dishes for 3 people with class A performance and has a transparent cover with a beautiful and functional design.

  • Customer: Heatworks
  • Sector: Large and small domestic appliances
Heatworks is an American technology company that uses its advanced and patented liquid heating solution for a wide variety of applications, through licensing or in-house product development.
It is one of the 11 companies selected in North America to participate in the Google for Startups Accelerator for Climate Change program.
The idea
Create a countertop dishwasher, requiring no plumbing hookup, with reduced consumption and high performance.
The challenge
Develop a closed hydraulic system with waste water collection, combining attractive design with functionality.
The solution
Drawing from extensive testing on a functional prototype and working in synergy, we have designed an innovative product.
The idea
Develop a countertop dishwasher with clear and unusual design features.
Heatworks was looking for a partner to help them develop a countertop dishwasher with certain design features. The company came to us with only a mock-up showing the appearance of the product. We therefore started to develop the industrialisation of the product from scratch. The brief included several constraints:
  • A self-contained hydraulic system, able to operate independently of the mains water supply.
  • High performance with regards to water consumption and washing results.
  • A transparent, completely visible washing chamber with a top surface resembling waves.
The solution
Following extensive tests on a first functional prototype and constant interfacing with all stakeholders, we built a prototype ready to be presented to potential customers.
After a first phase including detailed studies and CFD simulations, we built a first functional prototype. This allowed us to verify aspects related to water leakage along the hydraulic circuit – the result of deformations at high working temperatures – and from vents, as the whole set includes tanks that could easily become pressurised.

Working in synergy and in constant communication with the client to discuss design choices, our laboratory technicians and our engineering staff were able to overcome all obstacles and arrive to a near-final prototype which aroused the interest of many manufacturers which it was presented to.
The challenge
Design a countertop dishwasher with a self-contained hydraulic system and a transparent chamber.
One of the main challenges of the project was the design of the self-contained hydraulic system. The dishwasher must work completely independently of the water supply.
To date, the market offers a number of solutions that include a water tank filled by user before starting the cycle. Until now, however, the used water had to be drained away into a sink. In our case, we have introduced a second tank that collects the waste water before being emptied by the user. Thanks to the experience of our technical team on issues relating to the design of hydraulic systems, we have managed to create a drainage system inside a sealed tank that can receive dirty water without blockages, and that allows for quick and easy insertion and removal.

A second challenge was the transparent top washing chamber. The customer's request was to pursue a look where the washing chamber would remain completely visible, with a top shaped like waves. In addition to its aesthetic value, this aspect (patented by Heatworks) offers benefits to the washing as well since it creates a rain effect which particularly effective for removing dirt from the dishes.
The problem, however, was to avoid leakage of water at the joining between the washing tray and the cover. Many hours of study and development were necessary to create a geometry that would guarantee water tightness and that, at the same time, would allow the escape of air, which is essential for drying.
The result
A class A countertop dishwasher with a capacity of up to 3 covers and the lowest possible water consumption.
Today we have the opportunity to offer the market a product which is both beautiful to look at and offers totally competitive results. Suffice it to say that compared to the benchmark of selected models, our prototype washes with the lowest water consumption (3 litres per 3 covers), and achieved a class A rating both in washing and drying according to current European testing standards. Compared to the most popular countertop dishwashers, Tetra also washes 50% more dishes using 40% less water in 55% of the time.
In addition, Tetra won the CES 2019 Best of Innovation Honoree Award in the Home Appliance category, the Best of CES 2019 award from Bestproducts.com, the CES Best of the Best 2019 award from Best Reviews, and the CES Top Pick 2019 from Mashable.