We can work across industries in a variety of sectors because we have the necessary transferable skills and in-house expertise.

In addition, cross-sector processes help us identify trends and developments of the future, which we internalize and apply as innovative product development ideas.

Società di consulenza ingegneristica

Company designing home appliances, motorcycles, scooters and other products

S.P.M. is located in Northern Italy, the beating heart of the Italian home appliance industrial region. The close proximity, both geographical and of minds and intent, has allowed us to collaborate with the most important companies in the sector.

Our Italian tradition, know-how and expertise gained over the years led us to work with the leading international players in the motorcycle and scooter industry.

Finally, the experience we have accumulated, allowed us to bring to fruition many successful projects in a variety of sectors, including the automotive and transport sectors and many other types of industries.


The wide reach of our skills and professional capacity allows us to provide our engineering services across a range of sectors.

Due to our geographical location and the expertise we have acquired, our main industry of reference is the home appliance sector.

Not only: because of our solid competence, resulting from the Italian tradition in the field and our own experience, we have been selected by leading international customers in the motorcycle and scooter industry.

Finally, with our ability to develop specification-based multi-material products with multiple shapes and for multiple purposes, we can offer our services to a variety of industrial and transport sectors.

The international companies we have worked with over the years