Mechanical engineering analysis, simulations and calculations

Time and cost reductions using 3D model analysis

When developing new products or when modifying and improving existing designs, we use calculations, analysis and virtual simulations to identify the elements that can be perfected in the design before building the prototype and manufacturing the product. This, in turn, reduces costs and shortens project development times.

Engineering analysis and simulations:

Foresight is better than hindsight

Using calculations, analysis and virtual simulations we can verify the feasibility of a project and its compliance to its brief. By digitally visualizing the product, we can check its characteristics and simulate its operation before it has been physically manufactured. This allows the following:

  • Mitigate project risks.
  • Shorten the total delivery time of the project and its time-to-market.
  • Reduce and optimise the number and cost of prototypes.
  • Reduce overall development costs.

The engineering calculations and analyses we perform on 3D models

Using analysis and simulations, we know in advance the performance and behaviour of a product or component before the prototype is even physically built.

  • Mechanical analysis
  • Kinematic analysis
  • Static analysis
  • Dynamic testing
  • Linear and non-linear FEM analysis
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Vibrational analysis
  • Fall analysis
  • Clamping analysis
  • Impact analysis
  • Transport analysis
  • Analysis on packaging
  • Sheet metal forming simulations
  • Creep analysis
  • Moldflow analysis
  • Thermodynamic analysis
  • Fluid dynamic analysis
  • Thermo-fluid dynamic analysis
  • Noise analysis

The software we use for mechanical engineering design and calculations

We use powerful professional software tools for analysis and engineering calculations. Yet, software by itself is useless without human skill that can properly shape the system. Drawing on our expertise, we start from the 3D model of the product or component and carry out all the virtual simulations required to ensure that the project, as it has been planned out, provides the agreed performance.

  • CHAD 2000

Integrated engineering services for a range of sectors

From the development of a new product from scratch, to the engineering of an existing product, to the analysis and testing of third-party projects, we specialize in engineering consulting for a wide range of industrial sectors. We bring the know-how of the Italian tradition to companies all over the world, especially in the home appliance and motorcycle sectors.

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