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SPM Engineering - studio di ingegneria di sviluppo prodotti

International product engineering
firm with Italian know-how

We are an engineering firm able to provide innovative design services for the development of new products for the mechanical industry, the home appliance industry, the motorcycle and scooter sector and the plastics industry. The skill and expertise of our engineers, technicians and management team, our no-nonsense approach, and our capacity to use technologically advanced tools make S.P.M. an advanced technology and process engineering company able to bring Italian product engineering know-how all over the world.

When developing new products, we can guarantee their maximum efficiency and effectiveness using virtual prototype analyses and functional prototype testing. Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) as well as mechanical simulations we can verify the integrity, reliability, and characteristics of thermal and fluid flows, and the physical movement of the product. Using a wide range of laboratory tests, we then confirm the results obtained on physical prototypes, built in collaboration with specialist partners.

Finally, we keep on researching innovative ideas and patent new products to always remain one step ahead of the needs of different markets and sectors.

We give substance
to your idea