Research, development and patents

Future-proof product design and development for today’s manufacturers.

By developing new products, we want to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s consumers and break new grounds for the markets of the future.

Our product development company patents non-commissioned products to anticipate market needs

We do not want to just improve existing products a little. We want to create innovativeproducts that have never been seen and thought of before.

That’s why we invest in our own, uncommissioned, development of products, following ideas stemming from our own internal research and benchmarking. The results are next-generation products, for which we own the patents, and whose real-world manufacturing and operation has been simulated, calculated and tested in our own internal laboratory.

Our direct contact with the leading companies in our sectors of reference allows us to be aware and alert to the directions that future product development will take. We can identify with both current and future potential needs of people and families, and strive to anticipate their requirements.

Our Research & Development is primarily targeted to everyday products, such as home appliances, where our development engineers have the most experience and for which we have specialised equipment. These are also the products that we resonate with the most, because they are the products that we could use every day ourselves.

Design and development of products with validated feasibility

We develop the designs of our own solutions as we would develop those of our customers: Professionally, flexibly and above all concretely.

Our proposals are not a pie in the sky. They have been validated through feasibility studies, cost analysis, prototyping and laboratory tests.

Relying on our network, we can guarantee the high quality of our designs thanks to prototypes and realistic forecasts on possible mass production. We have integrated the best skills, and work together with the leading suppliers of third-party components and makers of manufacturing equipment in the home appliances and other industrial sectors. People who share our passion and commitment to Research & Development.

Our patents

We have created and patented our products for companies that want to bring the next-generation products to mass production. Discover our patents and contact us to develop them together.

Design of a washing machine with double rotating drum

We have designed an innovative front-loading washing machine that washes better, in less time and using less detergent than traditional ones.

Washing machine engineering with co-moulded bearings

We have conceived, designed, prototyped and patented a co-moulded bearing that provides a significant reduction in the production costs for front-loading washing machines.

Self-cleaning oven

We have designed an innovative automatic cleaning system for a domestic oven that allows to obtain significant advantages in terms of time, energy consumption and quality of the final result, compared to what is commercially available
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