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We are specialized in the field of home appliances. Our expertise and our long collaboration with the leading international companies allowed us to develop innovative processes for the design of home appliances where all the stakeholders involved in the development of the new product are invited to participate to the process from its very beginning and contribute to shape out its direction.

Using this method, we can reduce the costs of any later change, while meeting the required delivery timescales and ensuring that the product meets the performance, function, durability, resistance and safety specifications already at its initial design stage. By streamlining processes, we reduce manufacturing costs, increase product reliability in mass production, and cut time-to-market, which are essential requirements for the design of home appliances.


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Research & Development of innovative projects

We invest in the development of non-commissioned projects to invent next-generation products, for which we own the patents , and whose real-world manufacturing and operation has been simulated, calculated and tested in our internal laboratory.

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