Laboratory tests

Laboratory tests allow us to verify the accuracy and precision of computer analysis and calculations on working prototypes, validating their 3D design and the results obtained from virtual simulations.

On certain products, such as dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, washer-dryers and many others, we are able to perform tests in compliance with the standards and parameters specified by the accredited certifications bodies such as VDE, LGA, IMQ we work with.

Construction of the functional prototype

Through consolidated collaborations with the best specialists in the sector, we are able to create functional prototypes that allow us to validate the specifications and objectives required. This stage has the purpose of verifying the project from the point of view of structure, function, appearance, ergonomics and performance, and to implement any corrective action that might be required.

Specialised testing laboratory for home appliances, the motorcycle sector and industrial manufacturing

Our laboratory tests on functional prototypes have the purpose of validating the 3D design and, in particular, the results obtained from virtual simulations.

We are specialized in laboratory tests on home appliances. Although we have achieved a high reputation as a test laboratory for washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, ovens, refrigerators and cookers,

we have the technical equipment and capabilities to perform laboratory tests for many other sectors, such as motorcycles and scooters, automotive, transport and industrial products in general.

  • Controlled temperature and humidity tests in climate-controlled room
  • Comparative noise tests in semi-anechoic room
  • Performance tests on dishwashers
  • Performance tests on ovens
  • Performance tests on dryers
  • Determination of energy and water consumption on home appliances
  • Determination of imbalance performance on washing machines
  • Bodywork assembly tests

Integrated engineering services for a range of sectors

From the development of a new product from scratch, to the engineering of an existing product, to the analysis and testing of third-party projects, we specialize in engineering consulting for a wide range of industrial sectors. We bring the know-how of the Italian tradition to companies all over the world, especially in the home appliance and motorcycle sectors.

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