Dual Drum

Creating a product that has never been seen before is always a challenge, especially in a sector such as the home appliance sector, where forms and processes have become firmly standardized. We succeeded in doing it for the Haier group by developing a double-drum washing machine housed in a single cabinet.

  • Customer: Haier
  • Sector: Domestic appliances
HAIER is a Chinese multinational that has been operating in the household appliance sector since 1980. We have been collaborating with the Haier group for over 15 years, developing a range of different types of products, mainly in the field of washing (washing machines, washer-dryers, dryers, dishwashers, etc.).
The idea
Create a washing machine suitable for the needs of modern consumers, who want to wash different types of items at the same time.
The challenge
Invent an innovative product that was suitable, in terms of height and size, for domestic use.
The solution
A double washing machine, housed in a single cabinet, with two drums able to wash two loads simultaneously.
The idea
In collaboration with a market survey company, we started to design a type of washing machine that had never been made before.
The Haier group has always aimed to create products with high operating performance and reliability. We have been working together for over 15 years. During one of our many meetings, we defined a strategy for developing a new product that would meet the new needs of consumers.

In collaboration with EFG, a French market surveys firm, we carried out a market research asking targeted questions to a selected sample of European consumers. This campaign gave rise to the idea of developing a product that no competitor on the market had so far designed: a double washing machine, housed in a single cabinet.
The solution
Design of a household appliance with reduced vibrations and more resistance
S.P.M. engineers have made available all their know-how and expertise gained in over 30 years of history to develop a project with innovative features. We have been commissioned to carry out all design activities with the exception of the electronic and styling design.

The solution we proposed was to join the two oscillating assemblies (the upper one of 3.5 kg and the lower one of 7 kg) using a cast iron counterweight placed in the front and rear area.

This allowed us to bring the two oscillating assemblies as close as possible and reduce the overall height of the machine, while minimizing the vibrations of the cabinet. The upper washing machine becomes the counterweight for the lower washing machine, and vice versa.

The constraints regarding transport conditions, however, required intense simulation work to ensure that the packaged machines could withstand a drop of 140 cm from the ground. With calculations, analyses and simulations, we were able to design a system of polystyrene packaging and internal fixings for the machine that allowed us to reach this very ambitious goal.

We were able to verify and confirm the first project targets already with the first functional prototype, which we assembled and tested in its entirety.
The challenge
Design a washing machine as compact as possible, easily transportable, that would allow you to use the two drums simultaneously.
The main difficulty of this project was the complete novelty of the product. At the time, no other similar machine existed on the market. We had to invent innovative solutions and test them for the first time. One of the most challenging constraints that the client had set us was that of the total height of the appliance. The height of the new machine had to be lower than the height of two separate washing machines stacked on top of each other.

Additionally, the two drums had to be able to operate at the same time.

Finally, a further challenge was the constraint on transport conditions. Generally all washing machines, when in their transit packaging, must be able to withstand a fall of 60 to 80 cm from the ground without that affecting their functions and with very minor outer damage. Haier asked us to be able to increase this resistance up to 140 cm.
The result
Haier Duo: a smart, environmentally-friendly and high-performance double washing machine.
The Haier Duo washing machine is one of the flagships of the Chinese giant because it represents their values of attention to the environment, innovative technologies and their desire to solve the real problems of consumers.
  • With an impressive A+++ energy rating, it uses 30% less energy than the best energy standard recognized in Europe.
  • The internal design of the drum (Haier Pillow Drum) ensures that the clothes never tangle, while providing high washing performance.
  • The washing machine can be operated using a 7” touchscreen panel located on the front of the appliance, or remotely over the Internet.
This innovative washing machine has been such a great success that several other versions were designed based on the original model.