Product development
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We design components and products for the widest range of sectors. Drawing on the know-how acquired over the years and on our long collaboration with the leading players in their fields, we can provide our consulting and engineering services to the widest range of industrial sectors.

Additionally, all our design activities are supported by detailed calculation analysis and virtual simulations, especially for mechanical and structural parts having stringent mechanical strength and weight constrains, carried out in compliance with the relevant and specific international standards.

Automotive component design

Based on reference data and techniques, our technicians and engineers develop and industrialize parts and components for the bodywork and interiors of the vehicle. We provide a range of high technological services, such as optimization, durability assessment and dynamic impact simulations.

Interior design for the transport sector

In the course of our long collaboration with the leading European manufacturers, we have developed the most sophisticated virtual interior design systems for the railway and aeronautical sector. Thanks to our constant research on the application of new polymeric materials and innovative manufacturing processes, we have become the point of reference for the manufacturers in the transport sector.

Design of components for the home appliance and industrial sectors

Drawing on our long experience in industrial process and design, especially with regards to process equipment and plastic and aluminium moulds, we are able to provide our product engineering services to a wide variety of companies in the industrial sector. We also support customers in their design of products for everyday use in the domestic household sector.

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Research & Development of innovative projects

We invest in the development of non-commissioned projects to invent next-generation products, for which we own the patents , and whose real-world manufacturing and operation has been simulated, calculated and tested in our internal laboratory.

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