Product engineering

We modify and improve the characteristics of a product to obtain better performance and streamline its manufacture.

of components and products

In the engineering of a product, we develop and design all the details and components of a product.

We also verify that components and products are manufacturable and reproducible with existing technologies, that the process is feasible and that the production falls within the required constraints. Current and future products must be increasingly reliable and safe, and guarantee high performance while meeting strict cost targets and shortened development times. For these reasons, our product engineering team is committed to meet the required production brief in full.

Through mechanical engineering calculations, analysis and simulations carried out with the best professional software, we can also design specific components, optimise existing products, solve issues on existing projects and carry out all other types of changes to parts or features of a product, such as for instance:

  • Improved performance of an existing product.
  • Design of new components.
  • Solving problems on existing projects.
  • Change of technology or materials.
  • Lowering production costs.

The design, analysis and simulation software which we use to give form to ideas

We use are powerful professional software tools for analysis and engineering calculations. Yet, software by itself is useless without human skill that can properly shape the system. Drawing on our expertise, we start from the 3D model of the product or component and carry out all the virtual simulations required to ensure that the project, as it has been planned out, provides the agreed performance.

  • CATIA V4 & V5

Integrated engineering services for a range of sectors

From the development of a new product from scratch, to the engineering of an existing product, to the analysis and testing of third-party projects, we specialize in engineering consulting for a wide range of industrial sectors. We bring the know-how of the Italian tradition to companies all over the world, especially in the home appliance and motorcycle sectors.

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