Moto and Scooter

SPM has developed a consolidated "know how" for product development and projects related to bodyworks for 2/3 wheel vehicles. This knowledge is the result of its major partnerships with the principal worldwide motorbike and scooter manufacturers.

SPM has succeeded in drastically reducing development times, by applying modern project methodologies. This allows customer to get its products to the market first.

From the 1:1 scale vehicle models (provided by the customer) to the 3D mathematics parts list to be used by the production teams, the manufacturing run passes through digital relieving and from the subsequent mathematical Base B or C surface preparation suitable for the initial problem finding and feasibility studies.

The aesthetic modelling carried out by the SPM professional team allows to obtain a complete vehicle virtual model, checked out by the Customer Stile Centre and ready to be subdivided into parts for industrialising by means of a 3D solid modelling.

The SPM competences allow reorganization for efficiency and optimising of detailed industrialisation choices by carrying out an analysis of the different technical solutions suitable for guaranteeing the die-casting process.