Aviation and train interiors

SPM has developed the most sophisticated virtual project systems for internal parts in the railway and aeronautical sectors. This is due to the technical competences of our professional staff.

This professionalism was acquired as a result of partnering with the principal European manufacturers and integrating the project and product teams with those of the customer.

The constant search for and application of new polymeric mould materials combined with modern manufacturing processes makes SPM a reference for builders in the transport sector.

Project activities are always supported by specific calculations analysis and virtual simulations carried out strictly in accordance with the international standards laid down for these product types.

The calculation and simulation activities which SPM carries out are linked to mechanical and structural parts which have special mechanical and weight resistance requirements SPM has developed a notable "know how" in relation to studies carried out on polymeric materials and compositions which due to their characteristics may replace metallic components or those made of light alloys, allowing an optimisation in the number of components and a reduction in total weight transported.