Automotive components

SPM Engineering developed some of the most sophisticated virtual project systems due to the "know how" and technical competences of its staff which has been acquired by working 35 years in the business. Customers can avail of such resources in the automobile development project groups.

Technicians and engineers will form part of the project and receive training in order to develop and autonomously industrialise parts for the automobile bodywork and interior.

SPM is also able to offer a wide range of high performance simulations for automobile mechanical systems like Optimization, Crashworthiness, NVH, MBD, CFD, Durability, Vehicle Dynamics, Manufacturing simulations, etc., through the support of IFB Automotive Private Limited. It is one of the leading automotive products manufacturers in India. Through its dedicated R&D centre, it enables its customers to increase its market share by improving efficiency, quality and reducing cost & time-to-market.

The examples below are courtesy of IFB Automotive Private Limited.