Technical specifications
  • Benchmarking
  • Marketing requests (models, size)
  • Performances
  • Appearance
  • Thirdy parts components

Together with the customer, all the technical specifications are defined in terms of type of machines to be designed, performances, BOM (bill of material).

The output of this phase is a contract which guide the project.

Functional layout

3D definition of all functional components, including third parts geometries

In this phase the whole project is defined including all the components from the suppliers.

The output of this phase is a 3D model to be approved by the customer.


Starting from the 3D models of the previous phase, all virtual simulations are carried out to ensure that the project, as it has been set, it will be appropriate to the achievement of the performance targets set in the contract.

3D prototyping design

Once validated by the customer, the project is finalized and made suitable for the construction of a functional prototype.

Functional prototype

in this phase we work with external suppliers who produce, using rapid prototyping technology, the parts of the machines which are consequently assembled in our laboratory.

The output of this phase is a functional prototype ready to be tested

Laboratory test

Once assembled, the prototype is tested in all its functions in order to verify and confirm the achievement of the performance defined in the contract.

The prototype will be send to the customer.

3D definitive design

3D detailed design for moulds and suppliers

The design process will end with the completion of the 3D models for the production.

Customer pre-serie
  • from production moulds
  • 3D party components
Laboratory test

Spm run in its laboratory the final test on the pre-serie.

The output of this phase is the confirmation that the input parameters has been reached.